Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tiger Woods Does Not Care About Stunt People

If I manage to scrounge tickets to this years Masters, I can only pray to Bobby Jones that FIGJAM tries to steal Tiger's range balls. I'm willing to bet that Steve Williams is a lot less likely to argue shot selection with Tiger after seeing this

Sunday, January 14, 2007

First Off The Tee

Alas, behold the beauty of the sport...

Often, in the world of sports media and instant blogging, golf is relegated to a status similar to that of the retarded cousin at a wedding. She's given a dress, but in no way is she going to be let into the big show itself.

We're here to remedy such travesties.

Mark Twain summed up golf best when he coined the phrase "Golf is a good walk spoiled". While we completely agree with Samuel Clemens, we're inclined to believe that even he laced up the spikes the very day he wrote such wisdom and proceeded to be 13 over after 9. Golf may be the only game in which people who could only be described as "Abysmal" will not only continue to play week in and week out (well, besides the Detroit Lions), but will in fact actually place monetary bets while sucking so terribly.

So here in lies our mission. While most people consider golf to be a game of stuffy white people and that one black guy that wins a lot, we're here to show that it can in fact be as fun to blog about as football or baseball. If anyone ever read my old blog Off the Baggie, they know I threw in the occasional post about golf, and whether it was handicapping the British Open, reminding people of some of the great choles the sport has ever known, or just calling Phil Mickelson out for being an ass, those posts seemed to be our favorites.

So dust off your driver and polish your putter (not in public). The acerbic golf blogging has begun...